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Chinabirdingtours is going for Birdfair in UK in Auguest

Chinabirdingtours is going for Birdfair in UK in Auguest

Our Team

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Steven An 

Founder and owner of Chinabirdingtours.com.        

Born in Gansu province in northwest China, Majored in International Tour Guide and studied in Jiangxi province. After graduation from college,He guided numerous cultural tours throughout China. in 2008, a job worked as a translator and an English speaking guide for a birding group to Poyang Lake has offered him a great opportunity to see another world: “World of Birds”. He peered through a birder's telescope and saw a big white bird, it has a red bill, long legs, and the whole body is white while standing, the Siberian Crane!!!that was his first Crane !!! Thus he had a new passion ! This was his life-changing moment and since then has become a top birder. He has now been birding and leading tours to many places of China, His gentle and kind personality, fluent English speaking ability, birds finding and identifying skills have eared him a high reputation in China.

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Tina Li

My name is Tina Li,an English-speaking guide based in Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province. I love this job and I'm happy to serve for all the birding groups. We have an old Chinese saying"a good friend from afar brings distant land closer". I wish I could be a friend with every one who comes to visit our country.I love nature and i like birding,I have been doing guiding for 8 years,now i am responsible for the trips to Poyang Lake and Wuyuan. I am familiar with all thebirding sites and birds around these areas.During the past few years,I have accompanied many birders from different countries to see many bird species .I am always happy to find the rare and endangered species for our clients,I think birding is very interesting and I am enjoying it myself!

Thank you!



Our local guide & driver in Yunnan province.As a local birder, he is very familiar with local birding sites and birds situation, he used to work for the Nature Reserve and had done a lot in birds conservation and protection. He encouraged his neighbours and the whole community in his village to protect birds and built up many small ponds for birds to drink at his hometown in Gaoligong Mountains,these ponds attract many bird species to come for drinking and bathing everyday,thus,the ponds became very good places for birders.As a guide and driver, he smiles a lot,he thinks smile is the nature of people, why not smile more? he has been working with us since 2013,worked as our local guide cum driver for many of our small private tours.


Bert Guo 

Guo Mingpeng, both of my parents worked for Dongzhai National Nature Reserve, I had the chance to come into contact with many species of birds since my childhood. When i grow up, I often watch documentaries of Nature and Wild lifes, I dreamed to be a famous wildlife photographer, but to make a living, I had to leave my hometown and to work in another city , though i have never declined my love in birds and wildlifes. By a chance, I saw a photo of Reeve's Pheasant shot by a bird photography enthusiast from my hometown, the pretty feathers, beautiful gesture and extremely long tail attracted me deeply, thus I decided to quit my job and to go back to my hometown to be a photographer and a bird guide. now, i have been working with Chinabirdingtours as a guide,driver and photographer for 3 years,I want to show  people from all over the world the birds of my hometown with my passion.