18 Days Sichuan Birding Tour

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Sichuan is located in the southwest China, in the transitional zone of 3 different climate zones of tropical Central Asia,Sub-tropical North Asia, and Qinghai-tibet High Plateau,from the 150 meters-high Yuling River in the east, to the 7556 meters-high of Gongga Glacier Mountain in the southwest,It contains almost all the habitat types except ocean,such a variety of climate and geographical habitats made Sichuan extremely in rich of wild lifes and plants,is known as 1 of the 25 hotspots of the biodiversity places in the world. there are 726 species of birds in Sichuan,41 are Endemics only to Sichuan,which accounts for more than half of China Endemics.

For This Tour,We will start from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, known as the hometown of Panda,we will try some city parks and botanical garden for a few common species,which are difficult to see or can not see somewhere else in the itinerary, such as Chinese Grosbeak,Vinous-throated Parrotbill, Collard Finchbill, White-browed Laughingthush. then we will drive to Longcanggou, in search of many species of Parrotbills,included extremely localized Grey-hooded  Parrotbill; some Pheasants like Teminck's Tragopan, Ladyamhers's Pheasant,as well as some Laughingthrushes and Liocichlas. we will spend 3 nights here, then we will move to Wolong and Balangshan, where we will try for a lot of Pheasants, Partridges and Snowcocks: Chinese Monal,Golden Pheasant, White Eared Pheasant,Blood Pheasant,Teminck's Tragopan,Snow Partridge,Tibetan Snowcock;Rosefinches and Mountain finches,Laughingthrushes, Firethroat,etc.We will spend 3 nights here. After, we will drive to Mengbi Mountain in Maerkang area for Sichuan Jay, Verreaux’s Monal-Partridge,Crested Tit-Warbler, Black Woodpecker, Three-banded Rosefinch,Collared and White-winged Grosbeaks,etc.then continue to move to Ruoergai area on Tibetan Plateau,in search of  White-browed Tit, White-browed Tit-Warbler,Black-neck Crane, Przevalski’s Finch,Saker Falcon,Blue Eared Pheasant, Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush, Chinese Grouse, Sichuan Tit, Przevalski’s Nuthatch, Chinese Grey Shrike,Tibetan Lark, Ground Tit,Tibetan Snowfinch,Rufous-necked, White-rumped Snowfinches,etc.On day 13/14, we will stay in Jiuzhaigou  National Park, try for Rufous-headed Robin, Pere David’s Tit, Sichuan Treecreeper, Spectacled Parrotbill,Pere David’s Owl,etc.Our last leg will be the famous Tangjiahe, We have very reasonable chance here for Golden Pheasant,Teminck's Tragopan if we are still missing them from previous days, some other birds here:  Przevalski’s Parrotbill, White-throated and Spotted Laughingthrushes ,Slaty Bunting,Crested Kingfisher,Tawny Fish Owl,White-crowned Forktail;We also have good chance for many mammals:Golden Takin,Reeve’s Muntjac,Tibetan Macaque,chances for Wild Pandas and Golden Snub-nosed Monkeys. 
Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant

Outline Itinerary Download

Day 1 Day 1: Arrival in Chengdu, Chengdu City Parks Birding.

Day 2 Chengdu Longcanggou

Day 3 Longcanggou Birding

Day 4 Longcanggou Birding

Day 5 Longcanggou to Wolong

Day 6 Balangshan Mountain Birding

Day 7 Balangshan Mountain Birding

Day 8 Balangshan to Maerkang

Day 9 Mengbishan Mountain Birding

Day 10 Maerkang to Ruoergai

Day 11 Ruoergai, Baxi Valley and Tibetan Plateau Birding

Day 12 Ruoergai to Jiuzhaigou Valley

Day 13 Jiuzhaigou National Park Birding

Day 14 Jiuzhaigou Valley to Tangjiahe

Day 15 Tangjiahe National Park Birding

Day 16 Tangjiahe National Park Birding

Day 17 Drive back to Chengdu

Day 18 Chengdu departure


Sichuan is famous for food, it is definitely a good place where you can try the typical Chinese Food,especially Huo Guo or Hotpot, very popular among local people, we will arrange to try that. For breakfasts, we will do packaged breakfasts for most of the mornings, we will prepare breads,Cakes,Peanut Butter, Jam, Coffee, Tea(Both green tea and black tea), Hot Water,Milk, Yogurt,Seasonal Fruits. we will also try some breakfasts at hotels where we stay longer time or neary the birding site. Lunch and Dinner will be in local popular restaurants, a few packed picnic lunches will be prepared wherever neccessary.   


Most of hotels we will be staying are in good standards and well located,but some places are quite remote and far away from cities like Longcanggou and Balangshan,we will stay at the nearest town,where the hotel is a little bit simple but clean,comfortable and wifi available. 


Depend on our group size, for a group of 8 people, we will arrange a Van with 18 seats, so we will have enough space for luggages and each one can have a spare seat for cameras and telescopes.for a small private group of 2-3 people, we may arrange a Van with 7 seats. Most of the road conditions are very good,even in the mountains and Valleys.


We will arrange a Professional Birding Tour Guide to accompany for the whole trip, we might also arrange some local guides when we have the news that some local people have found some important species where they know exactly where to take us to.

Access (How easy is the tour)

  We can drive to access to most of the birding sites,even the Balang Mountain, we can drive to the pass which is almost 4500 metres,you may feel a little bit altitudes, but it is ok for most of the birders. For Tangjia he, it is a little bit 
physical challenging, we have to climb to certain hights for certain species, especially if we want to see the Przevalski' Parrotbill, we have to climb by the steep steps.


We will not arrange time for shopping in particular, but we will stop in some big cities to buy some supplies for picnic meals,if you want to buy some souvenirs made from China , this is the best opportunity.


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