Birding in Beijing

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1 Day Birding in Beijing

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Beijing,is the capial city of China,it has a population of 22 million, and covers an area of 16,400 square kilometers,the city's vast land provides a lot of different habitats for many bird spicies, the wooded mountains like Ling Mountain and the Wuling Mountain,Wetlands and Reservoirs like Yeyahu( Wild Duck Lake)and Miyun Reservoir,many City Parks like Aosen(the Olympic Forest Park)and Yuanming Yuan Park, more than 480 species have been recorded in Beijing so far, is one of the best birding cities in China.

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Day 1 beijing

There are many places to go for 1 day birding in Beijng,  this tour, we will arrange you to go to Ling mountain, Pick up early in the morning at your hotel, then drive 2.5 hours to Ling mountian, all day long birding there, Hill Pigien, White-winged Redstart, Beijing Babbler, Janpanese Waxwing, Siberian Accenctor, Long-tailed, Chinese Beautiful, Pallas's Rosefinches, etc.


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