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This tour mainly focuses on some Chinese endemic Pheasants and Cranes in eastern and central areas of China,  we use the most efficient transportations(High-speed train, 250-300kms/h) to combine 5-6 Crane species and 8 Pheasant/Partridge Species, if anyone who has time to do the extension tour, it will be 10 species of game birds, the extension tour also covers the Relic Gull.

We start the tour from China eastern Coastal reed and wetland areas , then move to inland mountains and lakes, going through central China, then all the way up to north and end the tour in Beijing. this tour covers most of the eastern and central China endemic species  as well as quite a lot of wintering birds.

Most of the species are quite good chances to see them in Winter.

Silver Pheasant at a feeding place

Silver Pheasant at a feeding place

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For Eastern China Tour, we have very good chance to try differnt kinds of food, for breakfast, we can try traditional Chinese style,we can also prepare western style with Bread, Peanut Butter, Jam, Coffee, Tea(Both green tea and black tea), Hot Water,Milk, Yogurt,Seasonal Fruits. Lunches and dinners will be in local popular restaurants or hotel,we might also try some dumplings,noodles or western style whenever possible just for a change, a few packed picnic lunches will be prepared wherever neccessary.   


Most of hotels we will be staying are in good standard, especially the hotels in the cities, but a few places only have guesthouse standard hotels,like Emeifeng, we will arrange to stay at the mountain top if it is not too cold,it is quiet, clean and comfortable.


Most of the way,we will drive,we do not need to take many flights though such a big country and many provinces, we will use small car or Mini Van depend on our group size, for a group of 8 people, we will arrange a Van with 18 seats, so we have enough space for luggages and each one can have a spare seat for cameras and telescopes.for a small private group of 2-3 people, we may arrange a small van with 7 seats. Most of the road conditions are quite good,even in the mountainous regions.we will also use the most efficent high-speed trains if the distance is too long to drive.


We will arrange a Professional Birding Tour Guide to accompany for the whole trip, we will also arrange a local guide for some places where only local people can access,our local guide may from nature reserves or from bird feeding places,they know exactly where to take us to see the birds if there are some good species been found lately.

How easy is the tour

It is relatively an easy tour,not much climbing mountains needed,we can drive to reach to all the birding sites,we could get back to the bus and drive whenever we want.


We will not particularly arrange time for shopping, but we will stop in some big cities to buy some supplies for picnic meals, where you may find some souvenirs made in China from supermarkt.

Tour Highlights:

Red-crowned Crane
Siberian,Hooded and White-naped Crane
Oriental Stork
Swan Goose
Tundra and Whooper Swan
Black-faced Spoonbill
Greater and Lesser White-fronted Geese
Baer’s Pochard
Baikal Teal
Scaly-sided Mergansers
Mandarin Duck
Chinese Penduline Tit
Long-billed Plover
Pied Falconet
Grey-sided Scimitar Babbler
Cabot's Tagopan
Elliot's Pheasant
Koklass Pheasant
Silver Pheasant
White-nacklaced Partridge
Chinese Bamboo Partridge
Moustached laughingthrush
Buffy Laughingthrush
Chinese Grey Shrike
Reeve's Pheasant
Crested Ibis

For Extention Tour:

Golden Pheasant
Koklass Pheasant
Brown Eared Pheasant
Beijing Babbler
Relic Gull
Siberian Accentor

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